Ventex VT9030D-120 Indoor Dimming Electronic Neon Power Supply

SKU: VT-69455
Ventex VT9030D-120 Indoor Electronic Neon Power Supply
Input Voltage:  120 VAC 50/60Hz
Input Current:  0.9A max 
Power Factor:  0.95 min.
Output Frequency:  Variable
Output Voltage: 0V-9,000V
Ouput Current:  30mA (3 Level Dimming)
Driving Distance Neon (12mm Tube):  4-26 ft.
Driving Distance Mercury (12mm Tube):  4-31 ft.

• 32” GTO leads 
• Pull-chain on/off switch
• Unit will not trip on capacitive currents up to 15mA
• Line load regulated (30mA self-adjusting output regardless of 
load size or input voltage fluctuations)
• Sign grounding connection via mounting foot
• Ten-foot power cord (3 Pin)
• UL 2161 listed
• Complies with CSA22.2, No. 107.1, No. 13
• High power factor
• Special bulk with special 18 feet IEC Connector 
• Open circuit overload will shut unit down