General Formulations MetroMark® 3.5-Mil Matte White Opaque Transit Vinyl

SKU: GF-209
GF 209 Metromark® is a 3.5 mil matte white polymeric flexible opaque vinyl film coated with a removable acrylic pressure-sensitive 
adhesive on a 90# layflat liner printed with the Metromark® logo.
This film is designed to accept latex, solvent-based inkjet and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems, and can be sheeted for screen printing. 
GF 209 is designed for temporary applications including product markings, point of purchase decals, transportation advertising systems, and tri-vision indoor/outdoor billboard displays. 
GF 209 will conform to simple curves and has excellent hiding characteristics for multi-layered graphics.
The adhesive formulation allows for install on glass and OEM painted metal with a surface temperature of 20°F.

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