Alpha Systems Q130 Non-Trimmable Butyl Tape

SKU: AS-Q13018*34
Alpha Systems Butyl Tape - 1/8" T x 3/4" W x 30' L Gray

Product Overview: ALPHA Q130 is a versatile, high performance gasket tape formulated to provide optimal levels of adhesion, elongation, and tensile strength. ALPHA Q130 is a non-drying compound that features excellent resistance to water, weather, and air intrusion and adheres well to all non-porous substrates.

Product Uses: ALPHA Q130 is well suited for use in the following applications: weatherproofing in marine and RV assemblies, roof seam sealing, construction of curtain wall panels, and duct sealing.

Raw Material Base:  Rubber Based Mastic
Tensile Strength:  12-14 PSI
Service Temp. Range:  -40 - 180 degrees Fahrenheit
Application Temp. Range:  -5 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Shelf Life:  12 Months