Prism Synergy Spec 24VDC LEDs

Principal Sloan Prism Synergy Spec LEDs
100 Mods (76.92 ft) per Bag
108 Mods per 96w 24VDC Power Supply
0.888 watts per mod, 180 lm/ft, 1.3 mods per foot

Prism Synergy 24VDC LEDs are the result of the combined strengths of the two most powerful LED brands in the industry, Prism Synergy exceeds expectations in channel letter and sign box applications with top-tier LEDs for class-leading efficacy and fast installation!

Features:  Sonic Welded Product, Constant Current, Fully Labeled Modules
Warranty:  Life of Sign Product Warranty - When paired with HE power supplies LED modules are covered for the life of the sign.