Street Wrap Gen 2 Loaded Track


The wait for an economical border tubing product is OVER. The Street Wrap Border from Principal LED is your go-to solution for tubing that can be cut in the field. No pricey customization or set-up fee. Enjoy the benefits of a module based design allowing you to add that extra punch to your business’s facade quickly, and easily.

Custom colors available through our Specialty option! Even more neon appeal with unique color options. 3-5 week lead time, 2000 minimum order quantity. Contact a distributor or sales rep near you today to learn more.

It’s time to enjoy a SIMPLER border solution.

Available in Red, Green, Blue, White, RGB, and Specialty colors!

Key Features

  • Street Wrap components allow for easy cutting – no pricey custom work required
  • Rigid design (not for curves)
  • Purchase in standard lengths and cut to size
  • Module design allows for easy customization
  • Bright, eye catching lighting option
  • Colored housings provide color when not lit during the daytime
  • Neon-like appeal
  • PVC housing is UV and impact resistant
  • Polyurethane lens with matching housing for bold color
  • Available in standard White, Red, Green, Blue and RGB
  • Specialty custom colors also available