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Welcome to Encompass-More, Inc.

Our foundation runs deep in wholesale sign manufacturing and supply distribution with the familiarity and understanding of the products that go into making quality signage. This foundation starts with knowing the quality and tested materials that are put into a sign. In a changing market, we saw an opportunity in 2010 to meet the supply needs of retail sign companies as well as manufacturing companies in providing known and tested products; products that aren’t just backed up with a warranty, but also backed up with knowledge and use. Bosolo Distribution was born and while it served our customers for the first decade, we saw the need to expand and recalibrate. In 2023 we rebranded to be Encompass-More, Inc. We are a second and third generation family in the sign industry. It is this experience and knowledge that will lead Encompass-More, Inc. in providing quality sign and manufacturing supplies and service in a competitive way.